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Our company works on all brands of hot tubs. Serving Montauk to Manhattan. We stock most parts on all of our service vehicles. Parts including but not limited to:

  • Pumps
  • PC Boards
  • Topside Controls
  • Heaters
  • Jets
  • Blowers
  • Pressure and Flow switches
  • Timers
  • PVC plumbing

Additionally, you can visit our Showroom in Middle Island to purchase chemicals, filters, PVC plumbing parts and accessories.

If you close down your spa over the winter we offer openings in the spring and summer to get your spa ready for the season. Openings include the following:

  • Spa is cleaned. Rinsed out, vacuumed, wiped down and filled up
  • Filter cleaned or replaced
  • Spa cover cleaned
  • The operation of the tub is checked to make sure the heater, pumps, blower and controls are working properly.
  • The water is shocked with chlorinated shock that disinfects the water and kills any bacteria.

If you decide you would like to close your hot tub for the colder months, we offer Winterizing. Winterizing includes the following:

  • Spa is drained and rinsed out.
  • The plumbing lines are blown out completely.
  • Water is drained from all pumps.
  • The tub is covered with a tarp to keep water out throughout the winter. A 12’x 14′ tarp can be supplied by the customer, or we can supply one for you for an additional fee.

Maintenance Visits:
We generally set up a tub for every 4 weeks we come out to be maintained, this includes wipe down the tub scum line, wipe the underneath the cover,check and add chemicals clean filter and for those tubs that are heavily used we suggest maintaining the tub every two weeks.

Complete system replacements:
We come out take that 30 year old tub that isn’t running anymore and replace control box pumps blowers to get another 10-15 years out of your tub.

Freeze damage:
This is what we hope never happens to you but we are there if you need us. Winter can take a toll on your tub with water in the pipes if not blown out. We can replace crack pipes manifolds Jets pump housings and all the miscellaneous stuff that comes with freezing.

Drain clean and refill:
Every 3 to 4 months your hot tub should be drained cleaned and refilled this is one of the services we do provide for our customers we drain out the tub vacuum it out wipe it down and fill it back up for another three to four months of enjoyable hot tub use.



Our company works on all brands of hot tubs.
Serving Montauk to Manhattan.


Our team at One Stop Spa Shop has been providing hot tub installations for many decades now.


One Stop Spa Shop offers its expertise in the field of hot tub spa maintenance and repair services.


  • The pump for my hot tub went out, and One Stop Spa was able to come out and get it working for me. I enjoy a nice soak in my hot tub on the weekends, being without has been a bummer but John and Brian…
  • After a long hard day at work, I love to grab a glass of wine and relax a bit in my newly installed spa. I feel so great after a nice soak. Thank you One Stop Spa Shop. You've made my dreams come true.
    Holly B.
  • Fair and honest pricing. Owner comes out to do service calls. So happy we are up and running. Five star service!
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